Spray Tan at Home

What if you want to spray tan but don’t have the time to spend driving to and from your local tanning salon and you don’t want to keep paying upwards of twenty dollars for a tan every couple weeks, then you need to do at home. This method is becoming easier and easier with the invention of portable spray tan booths that can be unfolded like a tent whenever you need. These systems also come with all the chemicals, a spray gun, and a complete guide to make sure you give yourself the best tan possible.

The main benefit of spray tanning at home is that it saves you money. One tan at a local tanning salon could cost you well over $20 but purchasing your own tanning system only costs $150, so you will break even after just 8 tans. If you spray tan regularly this could save you hundreds of dollars a year just from the cost of the machine. Another popular reason that someone would want to do is that it is much more convenient than driving to the tanning salon, getting tanned, and then driving back without getting any of the chemicals on your car seats. When you factor in the amount of gasoline that you burn just traveling to and from the salon you’ve probably got to add in another $3 to the actual cost of each tan, not including your time.

Tanning at home can also help greatly reduce the costs for friends and family as well. Getting a group together and splitting the cost of the equipment will lower the cost of spray tanning for everyone involved. When purchased with a small group of friends a spray tan at home machine could save everyone over $1,000 over the course of a single year. Don’t just think about the first year of savings though, because you will own your spray tanning equipment forever so your savings will only increase.

If you decide to purchase your own home tanning machine you can save even more money if you decide to start your own mobile spray tanning business. A mobile spray tanning business opens up the possibility of making thousands of dollars driving around and using your spray tanning equipment to tan clients. Mobile spray tans are typically a tiny bit more expensive than spray tanning at a tanning salon because the operator has to drive to the residence of the client, so you would be bringing in more money than the $20 per tan that a tanning salon would. Once you get a few satisfied repeat clients for your mobile spray tanning business the word of mouth from them will spread and soon your business will be able to expand and make even more money.

As you can see, the benefits from purchasing the machine for home using it will greatly outweigh the one time fee of $150. If you decide to only use it for your personal tanning you will break even after only 8 tans, but if you allow friends and family to use the machine you might even make money owning a spray tanning machine. You could also start a business with this machine if you’re the entrepreneurial type. The possibilities are endless once you own it and are able to tan at home.