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Guide on Clear Extra Long Shower Curtain

Why Opt for a Clear Shower Curtain? If you are apprehensive about putting a shower curtain because it might make your bathroom look smaller, you can …

Why Opt for a Clear Long Shower Curtain?

If you are apprehensive about putting a shower curtain because it might make your bathroom look smaller, you can consider using a extra long fabric shower curtain. Some people recognize the fact that they need to put a shower curtain in their bathrooms but they feel that it just might make the bathroom seem smaller. Putting a clear shower curtain will solve your problem.

Long clear shower curtain can also provide the shield that you need. While having a shower, you can have enough coverage. Though since it is clear, it would not make your bathroom look like there is not enough space for you to move around.

Finish your bathroom

Some people think that only colored and printed shower curtains can add aesthetic value to their bathroom. Actually, you can also find different designs for clear shower curtains. If you want to stick with the basics, you can opt for the plain clear shower curtain. This is actually better because it is easier to detect if the clear shower curtain already needs cleaning due to soap suds.

Prints vs Clear?

Clear extra-long shower curtains are classy but if you want to find one that has a little decoration you can opt for the ones with simple prints. There are lots of variations for clear shower curtains. Designs vary from polka dots to different design patterns. Even if you opt to buy clear shower curtains, you can still find one which reflects your personality.

Actually, if you are searching for a clear shower curtain, the first place which you can visit is the internet. Not only will you able to see different places where you can buy affordable clear shower curtains, you will even be able to see pictures of different designs. You would not have to hop from one store to another just to find a clear shower curtain which will work best for your bathroom.

3 ways to instantly find more fulfillment in your life…and they won’t cost you a cent

What if in the afterlife you met all the possible “you’s” that could have existed? The wealthier you who never gave up and finally knocked down that door, the happier you who stayed with your partner through the tough times, the more fit you who stuck with the daily workouts, the more accomplished you who took the time to finish writing the book. As pondered by author David Eagleman*, this notion of “other you’s” really got me thinking.

In what ways are you fulfilling your potential? And in what ways are you leaving talent, love, and passion on the table?

Following are three tips that don’t involve any massive life changes yet will propel you toward maximizing your potential:

1.  Protect Your Appetite for Learning

When we lose our appetite for knowledge, insight, and education, we diminish the power of the brain. The latest research shows that the brain can form new neural connections at any time in life. Yet when we fail to exercise the brain and entertain new thoughts, it begins to sag, like a worn out body. A lazy brain can lead to Alzheimers and other disease.** Have heaps of time passed since you’ve been to the art museum or listened to new music or read a great book?  As Glen Dorman of The Institute of Achievement of Human Potential said, “Some kids go through their whole life believing that learning is fun and the only game worth playing. We have a name for such people. We call them geniuses.”

2. Clarify Your Definition of Freedom

Like so many Americans, I bought a house in 2006 when money was easy to come by. And now I’m throttled by a huge mortgage. I used to think that owning a nice home in a pleasant neighborhood spelled f-r-e-e-d-o-m. But now I’ve clarified my definition of freedom to mean living within my means.  When you let outside influences determine your freedom, there will always be a part of you straggling behind, shackled by the weight of the world, begging for another chance to live on purpose.  That inner straggler can cause a lot of strife. As Maya Angelou said, “There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.”

3. Consider The Power of Love

I once read that all of our technology is an extension of the mind and its thoughts. There is not yet an example of technology that is an extension of the heart and its feelings. One day, we will create such a machine. As French philosopher Teilhard de Chardin said, “Someday, after we have mastered
the winds, the waves, the tide and gravity, we shall harness for God the energies of love.” 
And I believe that such a future technology will measure how the human being who sustains a high level of love will attract not just greater relationships but also fulfillment, abundance, and opportunity.

Becoming the “wealthier you” might take years, and becoming the “more fit you” might involve painful changes in your diet, and becoming the “more tenacious you” might require a huge and prolonged shift in your attitude.   But the “more loving you” is one bear hug away. And the “freer you” is no farther than a 24 hour sabbath from the annoying cell phone. And the “more inspired you” is as easy as cracking open a great book. As I share in mine, before you take the massive and painful steps toward a more fulfilled life, consider the little ones…a amazing bite of exotic chocolate, a sidesplitting laugh, a walk in the warm summer night.


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The Dark History of Mayhem Manor

In 1981 at the worldwide Psychological Convention…

Dr. Morpheus MayhemDr. Morpheus Mayhem, the leading authority on the emotion of FEAR, presented the results of his life-long research. Dr. Mayhem’s theories were so radical that the other doctors attending the convention were unwilling to consider them. Scoffed at and ridiculed by his peers, the Doctor was literally laughed out of the auditorium.

Outraged by his humiliation, Dr. Mayhem set out to prove his theories. He built “Mayhem Manor,” a state-of-the-art research facility disguised as a family Halloween Haunted House and began experimenting on unsuspecting visitors. the Mad Doctor Mayhem.

The obsession of proving his theories eventually drove Morpheus mad. His experimentation became more and more radical, often pushing his subjects into cardiac arrest. There were even rumors of torture and mutilation at the hands of the “good doctor.”

In 1991, a sudden increase in missing persons reports …

Forced the local authorities to search Mayhem Manor. Inside, they were confronted by a huge, maze-like labyrinth with room after room of diabolical gadgetry designed to strike terror into all who entered. In the last room, they found the body of Dr. Mayhem, dead from his own personal experiment in fear, his lifeless body still convulsing from the electrical stimuli. Mayhem Family Portrait.

Locals claim that Mayhem Manor is haunted to this day by the ghost of the dead doctor and his many victims. But you can find this out for yourself, because Mayhem Manor is once again open for public tours. You can visit the manor house, left exactly as it was found by the authorities in 1991, less the dead body of the infamous Dr. Mayhem, of course.