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Classic Christmas Drinks

Everyone accuses me of being a bit of a Christmas Ham. And I guess you could say that is true. I put up my downstairs Christmas tree on Oct 30th last year, my outdoor lights go up on November 1st of every year. In fact, I have still not taken down my lighted garland from my recreation room. If I had if my way the Christmas decor would stay up all year. I guess you can blame it all on my parents. They always made the holidays a big event. Who could ever forget the anticipation of Christmas eve, just waiting for Santa to come. Or the sleepless night waiting for that Christmas day sunrise.

Anyways when it comes to Christmas or any holiday for that matter I take the cake, and I want to share some of my favorite Christmas drinks, which have become a tradition in our family and a hit at our parties.

Gordos Baileys EggNog

Now its important for this drink, that you only purchase the best eggnog, unless you want to make it yourself (I don’t have a recipe for making it as it can be a real pain if you know what I mean)

You will need

6Oz’s of your favorite eggnog
1oz of Irish Cream
1/2 oz Spiced Rum
1oz of Chocolate Milk
sprinkle of Cinnamon
Whipped Cream
Small candy cane

Add ice first (this is most important)
Add Irish cream
Add Rum
Add EggNog and stir
Add chocolate milk (do not stir in)
Sprinkle with Cinnamon
Add whipped cream on top and garnish with the small Candy cane.

Boy oh Boy this is one good drink and I guarantee they will become a hit to your friends and family. OK so its a little fattening, big deal its Christmas time and you should be entitle. Most important is lot’s of Kenny G Christmas music to go with the drink.

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Broccoli Pasta Quick Pasta Recipe Garlic Pasta

Fresh Garlic Broccoli Pasta

It is the season for fresh garlic!  Surprise your family at dinner with this robust pasta dish that is not only delicious but easy to make for a week night meal.  We are all busy during the week, but it’s nice to have a go-to meal that you can cook up and serve to your family within 30 minutes.  Looking for a quick romantic night meal?  Nothing better than great tasting pasta and a glass of wine without all the time.

Fresh Garlic Broccoli Pasta

Yields: 4 Servings

8 oz. Fettuccine (cooked and drained)

½ C. Butter

2 t. Dried Basil Leaves (crushed)

2 t. Lemon Juice

1 ¼ t. Chopped Fresh Garlic

¾ t. Seasoned Salt

1 ½ C. Broccoli Flowerettes (steamed until tender)

3 T. Chopped Walnuts

½ C. Grated Parmesan or Romano Cheese (or combination of both)

1.  In a large skillet, melt butter over medium heat.  Add basil, lemon juice, garlic, and season salt; mix well.

2.  Add hot fettuccine, broccoli, walnuts and cheeses.  Toss to combine and lightly coat.  Do not continue to cook the pasta.

There you have it.  A quick, but delicious garlic pasta that your family will enjoy and only took you 30 minutes to create.  Go ahead, take all the credit, you worked hard and deserve a good meal.  Serve with a fresh spinach or romaine salad and enjoy!  This recipe goes great with parmesan bread sticks or even fresh garlic bread.  Enjoy with a glass of white wine for a romantic evening!

Not feeling fettuccine?  Swap out your fettuccine with penne, elbows, spaghetti, or even shells!  This recipe is versatile and can be changed out with just about any ingredient.  Don’t have fresh garlic?  Use garlic powder for the same result.  Just be sure to allow your garlic powder to fully dissolve in your butter before adding and tossing the pasta.  This will ensure you do not have granules of garlic powder coating your food.

Recipe found in Favorite Brand Name Pasta Collection, Publications International, Ltd, 1992.

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Are Soft Drinks really as Healthy as they Claim

I drink a lot of pop, always have. What can I say? I just love the taste of it. Or, maybe I’m addicted . . . who knows.

You could probably call me an expert on pop. But the interesting thing is, although people say pop is the unhealthiest drink for you, I’m as healthy as a racehorse. Pop seems to have no effect on me or my health. Because of that, this topic is a hard one. Honestly, have you ever heard of someone dying from drinking too much pop? Have you ever heard of someone having a heart attack because of a lifetime of soda pop?

You probably haven’t. And once knowing that, you’d probably reach the conclusion that soft drinks really may be healthy for you. Well, that statement is still wrong.

The thing is, soft drinks are absolutely unhealthy. I don’t care what anyone else says – pop is not good for you. Now, I drink it and remain healthy because I take care of myself. I brush my teeth everyday. I shower, I visit my physician. I eat healthy, I exercise. Doing these things have kept me healthy, not drinking pop.

Like me, you can drink pop and remain healthy, as long as you take care of yourself. When it comes down to it, pop is just another drink. You consume it, you enjoy it, and that’s the end of that.

If you didn’t take care of yourself, though, drinking pop would be a terrible thing. Just think of the all the sugars pop has to offer. With every sip of pop, those sugars are going into your body. They could deteriorate your teeth and ruin your health. Then, there’s the caffeine. Caffeine is naturally unhealthy, causing things from bone deterioration to quirky effects and an over-increase in energy.

The additives in pop also make it highly unhealthy. Additives are the chemicals in soft drinks used to bring out and preserve its flavor. They are what gives pop its special tastes, and they’re unhealthy for you. Some say diet pop is healthy for you. Well, that statement would also be wrong. Even though diet pop doesn’t have the sugars, it has double the additives in order to increase the rather-blah flavor diet pop would have.

There’s no way soft drinks are healthy for you. There is absolutely nothing in them that can make them the slightest bit healthy. But, they don’t have to be unhealthy either, as long as you keep up your health and take care of yourself. I don’t blame you for enjoying pop. I love pop. I couldn’t see my life existing without pop, and I have never had a problem with it . . . neither should you.

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