Every company whether new or existing will require the services of a business lawyer at one point. Business lawyers are attorneys who specialize in business issues such as intellectual property, taxation and different business transactions. Depending on the agreement you have with your business lawyer, they may work form their own offices or report to your office daily. However, most lawyers prefer to work from their offices. The average charges of a business lawyer is determined by the nature of employment, type of employer, area of specialty, level of experience and education level. However, most business lawyers charge hourly.

Business Attorneys and What They Do for Your Company

A business lawyer can do numerous things for your company. As a company owner, you do not have to be involved in all the business disputes that arise. A business attorney plays a major role during the formation of the company, its sale and the transactions in between. Actually, a business lawyer protects all parties involved in business transactions and prevents disputes.

Business lawyers have a duty to explain the responsibilities and rights to you before converting your business to a partnership, Limited Liability Corporation or adding a new director to your company. If your company is new, a business attorney will assist in securing capital, leasing space, countless consulting services among other things. They also play a major role in helping you navigate the complex county compliance requirements.

Every company will have numerous contracts with clients, employees, vendors, resource suppliers and government agencies among others. Your business lawyer will help you choose the right contracts that protect your business interests and needs.

As your company grows, you may take it public through an initial public offer. Business lawyers work towards facilitating partial or full business sale through handling the financial aspects and business formation changes.


From the time your company is formed, hiring a good business lawyer offers numerous services. These services make running your business much easier.