Guide on Clear Extra Long Shower Curtain

Why Opt for a Clear Shower Curtain? If you are apprehensive about putting a shower curtain because it might make your bathroom look smaller, you can …

Why Opt for a Clear Long Shower Curtain?

If you are apprehensive about putting a shower curtain because it might make your bathroom look smaller, you can consider using a extra long fabric shower curtain. Some people recognize the fact that they need to put a shower curtain in their bathrooms but they feel that it just might make the bathroom seem smaller. Putting a clear shower curtain will solve your problem.

Long clear shower curtain can also provide the shield that you need. While having a shower, you can have enough coverage. Though since it is clear, it would not make your bathroom look like there is not enough space for you to move around.

Finish your bathroom

Some people think that only colored and printed shower curtains can add aesthetic value to their bathroom. Actually, you can also find different designs for clear shower curtains. If you want to stick with the basics, you can opt for the plain clear shower curtain. This is actually better because it is easier to detect if the clear shower curtain already needs cleaning due to soap suds.

Prints vs Clear?

Clear extra-long shower curtains are classy but if you want to find one that has a little decoration you can opt for the ones with simple prints. There are lots of variations for clear shower curtains. Designs vary from polka dots to different design patterns. Even if you opt to buy clear shower curtains, you can still find one which reflects your personality.

Actually, if you are searching for a clear shower curtain, the first place which you can visit is the internet. Not only will you able to see different places where you can buy affordable clear shower curtains, you will even be able to see pictures of different designs. You would not have to hop from one store to another just to find a clear shower curtain which will work best for your bathroom.

6 Suggestions to Help Pet Entrepreneurs Keep Fido and Fluffy Fit

  1. Along with your vet, determine the optimum weight for that pet

Every pet differs, so work carefully along with your reliable vet to discover your canine’s optimal weight based on this source. Rapid, inexplicable wearing weight may be a reminder sign showing numerous health issues, different from excess fluid retention due to kidney problems, with a hormone discrepancy triggered by a number of health problems.

  1. Feed treats properly

In line with the American Pet Products Producers Association, 88 percent of dog entrepreneurs and 60 % of cat entrepreneurs give treats for his or her pets. Many treats are filled with body body fat and empty calories. In pets, like humans, extra calories attribute to excess body fat and being overweight that affects general health. The calories in treats accumulate quickly, with a lot of different between 50-100 calories each.

While entrepreneurs are showing their love and affection with treats, the country’s Research Council in the Nas estimations that 25% of dogs and cats are overweight. Treats are largely expendable calories, but healthy treats like PetAg’s VIVE Low-Calorie Diet Bars give a healthy low-body body fat, low-carb, high-fiber solution. Remember, a calorie-free good pat and praise shows love, too.

  1. Read labels on dog food

You will possibly not realize that many treats and pet foods list their elements as well as the kcals (kilocalories-calorie measurement for pets), but calories aren’t needed on treat labels. One medium-sized dog biscuit in the leading brand has 45 kcals versus 34.8 kcals for a similar portion size VIVE Low Cal Diet Bar, or 25% less calories. For daily caloric needs, start to see the charts attached.

  1. Substitute fruits and vegetables for treats

Very high fiber substitutes may also be filled with diet ideal for cats and dogs, bear in mind to reduce in portion dimensions that are appropriate is bigger pet. VIVE Low-Cal Diet Bars, with real pumpkin, apples and red-colored grapes, certainly are a healthy option that dogs enjoy.

  1. Move!

Again, consider yourself when trying to help your pet lose or maintain its optimum weight. Move food dishes for cats to greater levels so they have reached leap to attain them. Take the dog by having an extra walk every single day… it’s healthy too for your furry pals. Keep in mind, however, health-related issues that might affect your pet (i.e., the kitty with joint discomfort may require steps to ascend to dishes together with your dog concentrating on the same challenge might only choose an amble on warmer days outdoors).

The Pleasure Of Milking The Prostate

Many men get scared when they hear the term “Prostate Milking”.

Do you associate it with a cold and clinical doctors office, being bent over on all fours and having a doctor stick his finger covered with cold lube into your ass?

Well you would not be alone on this one. Many men feel the same way.

In recent times there has been an underground movement that is getting larger and larger! There are many men that like to have their prostates milked. They actually do it to themselves or they ask their partners to do it for them. The enthusiasts will go and buy a “Prostate Massager”, which is comparable to vibrators which women use, and they use this to milk their prostates!

Do you feel confused by this? Are you wondering what these men are thinking? Well I can clear this confusion for you!

The male prostate gland is also the male g spot. It is a small walnut sized gland that is located in the male “nether region”. You can reach it by inserting a finger about 2 inches into the anus.

Have you ever noticed how it also feels good to put pressure on the area between your balls and your ass? Well this is because you are applying pressure to the prostate gland or stimulating your prostate.

What I am trying to say here is that men are practicing prostate milking and liking it because it is like massaging the female  g spot! When you massage the prostate, you will feel waves of intense pleasure pulsate through your body, you can have an orgasm without ever ejaculating and you can even get a bigger, harder and longer lasting erection! My wife loves it personally (she would kill me if she knew I wrote that!)

The best thing about this is that it is actually good for your health!

Here are a few of the benefits of prostate milking:
  • It is intensely pleasurable.
  • Releases pressure on the bladder and urethra.
  • Improves blood supply to the male genital area.
  • Men with erectile dysfunction can get erections and keep then.
  • A good way to release sperm build up.
  • You may notice a bigger, harder and longer lasting erection.
  • You can experience a prostate orgasm!

A prostate orgasm is a lot different to a penile orgasm.  It is incredibly intense and toe curling. It lasts for longer, it is stronger and more intense, you feel it all over your body. When you experience your first prostate orgasm you will feel like you have just awakened. It is a full body orgasm.

If this has made you interested in prostate milking, and you want to learn more then I suggest that you pick up the guide that I used to learn all about how to milk and massage the prostate. There is even information on how you can experience a prostate orgasm.

Prostate Milking – Cleansing Your Prostate

Prostate milking is a great way to cleanse you prostate and promote inner body. This procedure can also offer you some amazing orgasms too. The prostate gland is also known as the male G spot, and the Man’s Gland and when stimulated can produce multiple orgasms.

Why Milk Your Prostate?

Before I tell you about how to milk prostate let me first explain exactly what the prostate gland is. This gland which is also known as the Male G-spot is about the size of a walnut and similar in shape. It can be found low in the pelvic area just under the bladder and in front of the rectum. The prostate helps to manufacture semen which is responsible for carrying sperm from your testicles and out your penis during ejaculation.

The reason the prostate has become known as the male G-spot is because of its sensitive nature and the fact that when stimulated it produces waves of orgasmic pleasure.

Research has shown that regular masturbation or sex can actually help to reduce the onset of prostate cancer. It has been documented and proven that the body actually produces cancer causing chemical build ups and that these are stored in the prostate if you don’t ejaculate on a regular basis.

So guys if you want to stay healthy and avoid prostate cancer these specialists recommend that you ejaculate at least 5 times a week. With that said I know that there will be so many men out there who will be only too happy with this news, at least now they can masturbate and be encouraged to do so.

Milking the prostate is another great way to cleanse the prostate and remove any cancer causing chemicals. Better still is the fact that you can involve your partner in this too. Prostate milking is a two in one; pleasure and cleansing together.

Prostate massage is a technique that needs to be learned but with practice and patience it really is well worth it. Did you know that people with unused prostates or those who a celibate actually die much younger that those who are sexually active? The fact is that most of these celibate people also die from prostate cancer.

Don’t let this happen to you, if your partner doesn’t want to be involved in prostate milking then learn to do it yourself. There is no shame in pleasuring yourself anymore.

How To Find Your Prostate

The best way to stimulate and perform prostate milking is via the anus. Your prostate gland can be stimulated via the rectum but there are some precautions that you need to observe.

First off cleanliness is vital. Start using colon cleanses regularly and try to eat more fruit and vegetables. Next you need to purchase some latex gloves and some good lubricant. Lubricant is essential and I can’t stress this enough. The tissues inside the anus are extremely delicate and can tear very easily so you will need to lubricate, lubricate, lubricate.

When you are clean and ready, put on one of your latex gloves, and start by lubricating your index finger or middle finger. You will then need to gently insert your finger into your rectum or your partner is he/she is performing this on you. You should feel a strange and yet pleasurable sensation when you, or your partner is near your prostate.

Your partner will slowly begin to rub and put pressure on this point and you with practice will begin to have amazing orgasms.

Prostate milking will occur when enough stimulation has been given to the prostate gland and ejaculation occurs. The penis can be erect or flaccid when this happens and you may also experience extreme pleasure too.

What is COPD’s effect on the body?

High concentrations of free radicals in tobacco smoke produce oxidative stress. Free radicals as well as tobacco smoke also impair the activity of anti-protease enzymes such as alpha 1-antitrypsin, allowing damage to the lung by protease enzymes. Cytokine release responds to irritant particles such as tobacco smoke in the airway due to the inflammation of the body.

The COPD phenotypes are of two kinds, emphysema and chronic bronchitis. In the past the two fold nature of the pathology has been studied. Each patient could be classified according to recent studies by many authors who find patients presenting a emphysematous phenotype, or a predominantly bronchial, by simply analyzing functional, radiological, and clinical findings or by studying interesting biomarkers. Also the specific predominant mechanism of airflow limitation is reflected by a statistical model for a specific patient. This has been trained and developed over a database obtained from hundreds of patients.

Chronic bronchitis

In chronic bronchitis there is inflammation and damage in the large airway that we called blue bloater. In clinical terms it is defined as a cough with the production of sputum on at least three months a year for two consecutive years. Sputum is produced on most days during this period. In the airways of the lungs hallmark of chronic bronchitis, there is increase in size of hypertrophy of the mucus glands and goblet cells of the airway as well as increase in the number of hyperplasia. Airways get narrowed as there is more mucus as compared to the usual mucus in the airways, and this causes coughing with sputum. The walls of the airways get infiltrated with the inflammatory cells if seen through a microscope.

Remodeling and scarring are the result of this inflammation which thickens the walls of the airways thus resulting in narrowing of airways. Abnormal changes take place in tissues lining the airways, which is called squamous metaplasia. Fibrosis is also caused which is the scarring and further thickening of the walls of the airways. Limitation of airflow is the consequence of these changes. As compared to emphysema patients with advanced COPD have chronic bronchitis primarily which were commonly referred to as ‘blue bloaters’. The term ‘blue bloaters’, is used because of the bluish color of the lips and the skin and hypoxia and fluid retention.


Lung surface in emphysema shows multiple cavities in the walls of the lungs lined by deposits of heavy black carbon that we called pink puffer. Inflammation of the air sacs called the alveoli and lung damage results in emphysema. Enlargement of the air spaces distal to the terminal bronchioles along with the walls of the airways being destructed is called emphysema. Less surface area is available for exchange of carbon dioxide and oxygen due to the destruction of air space walls during breathing. Airways embedded in the lung face loss of support as the elasticity of the lungs keep reducing . There is further limitation to airflow as these airways are more likely to collapse over a period of time. Patients have to put in more effort during exhalation causing a pink color in their faces. ‘Pink puffers’ is the commonly used term for such cases.


Effectiveness of the lungs gets limited with the narrowing of the airways which reduce the rate at which the air can flow from and to the air sacs which are called alveoli. It is during expiration or breathing out that the greatest reduction in air flow occurs in COPD. This happens because the pressure in the chest tends to compress rather than expanding the airways.  By breathing more forcefully air flow could be increased thus increasing pressure in the chest during expiration. A situation known as expiratory flow limitation is caused and in COPD there is often a limit as to how much this can actually increase the air flow. While exercising breathing has to be faster, and if the airflow is very low people with COPD will not be able to finish breathing out completely before another breath has to be taken.

Before the next breath starts, some of the air of the previous breath remains within the lungs, which increases the volume of air in the lungs. Dynamic hyperinflation is the name of this process which is again closely linked to dyspnea which is also referred to as shortness of breath in COPD. With hyperinflation it is difficult to breathe, because more effort needs to be taken to move the chest wall and lungs when they have already been stretched due to hyperinflation. There is also loss of surface area available for exchange of carbon dioxide and oxygen with emphysema leading to high carbon dioxide levels and low oxygen levels in the body. To compensate the person with emphysema has to breathe faster which can be difficult to do if there is also hyperinflation or flow limitation. The condition calls for a well informed and researched take on medication and medical plan of action.

Blue Waffle Disease Details

A battered or infected lady cake of blue or green colouring, often brought about by extreme rammage to the female taco with penis or similar device. Blue Waffle infections are a result of dirty skank whoreness of the smack head variety and are abundant in areas of extreme chav infestations as well as areas high in whoredom.

Find more images of blue waffle as below:
blue waffle disease
Blue Waffle Disease Detail: When someone refers to a ‘Blue Waffle’ they’re not referring to your typical blueberry breakfast-food.

A ‘waffle’ is a a slang term for vagina.

A ‘blue waffle’ is a slang term for a severe vaginal infection.

Blue Waffles Cause: It’s basically a slang term for an extremely nasty or severe vaginal infection/STD on the vagina. The infection could cause lesions on the outside of the vagina, as well as bruising, which causes it to look blue in color.

See more here:

Can Poison Ivy Spread

Rashes and infections brought about by contact with the Poison Ivy plant is perhaps one of the most common (at least in the United States) but remains as one of the more misunderstood. There still persists a mountain of questions and misconceptions surrounding how can it spread?, if it is contagious, or can it spread via the yellowish liquid found inside the blister formed when your rashes appeared? According to most doctors and dermatologists, the misconceptions have been brought about by people who believe that they are experts on the subject matter or questions that have been taken as explicit statements of facts.

One of the most common misconceptions is that there is a possibility for very sensitive people to get the allergy even by just standing near the plant. This in general of course is considered as a myth since the urushiol component of the plant is responsible for triggering the allergic reaction. The only way for the allergic reaction to begin without coming into contact with the oil is to inhale the smoke coming from a fire that is burning the Poison Ivy plant. So, can Poison Ivy spread without touching the oil? Yes by inhaling the smoke of a burning Poison Ivy plant.

Another common myth is that Poison Ivy allergy is contagious. This is based on the notion that the allergic reaction is passed from one person to another. This is of course untrue. Poison Ivy allergy is not contagious nor can the allergy itself be passed to another person like the common cold. So how can Poison Ivy spread itself from one person to another? The simplest explanation is that the urushiol oil which is an invisible agent is so potent that it can survive on clothes, tools, boot, or even on other plants. A person who gets an allergic reaction from a Poison Ivy plant typically gets the oil on his belongings also. This is reason for the transfer of the allergy to other people. This is also the same answer to the question of can Poison Ivy spread over and over in a single place or on a single person. Unless the remnants of the urushiol oil are removed from these materials, the condition has a tendency to keep on repeating.

Can Poison Ivy spread to babies and younger children? Many people believe that babies and young children are immune to the allergic reaction. This is another misconception that has been taken as a fact by some people. The reality that very few allergic reactions have been seen in babies and young children does not confirm the fact that they are immune to the condition. Many pediatricians believe that the limited number of exposures in this group is not caused by their immunity but rather because they are kept from areas where the plants grow. Babies and young children mostly are not allowed to wander off by themselves and therefore are protected from coming into contact with the plant.

Excessive Sweating Solutions

Sweating is a natural mechanism to regulate body temperature. However, some people suffer from excessive sweating due to over activity of the sweat glands, regardless of the weather and circumstances.

According to the International Hyperhidrosis Society in the world 176 million people suffer from this condition. This is a condition that affects all levels, regardless of social class, activity and gender. Usually the signs are from adolescence, but in some cases appear in youth.


People usually do not relate the excessive sweating with a common condition and think it is something personal that has no cure, however there are products to help manage antiperspirants. According to the Federal Drugs Administration FDA for its acronym in English (Food and Drugs Administration) to be classified as an antiperspirant product should reduce sweating by 20%.

Researchers have developed a formula based on aluminum chloride and lactate, in addition to reduce sweating by more than 30%, is a completely safe product for use after 15 years, scientifically proven, according to the degree of sweating, is used once or twice a week.

The best Kinds of Tomatoes to use for Making Tomato Sauce

Walk through your local grocery store’s produce section and you will likely find a multitude of tomato varieties. Beefsteak, plum, roma, cherry, grape, and campari are just a few of the many that can be found, not to mention the abundance of the nightshade fruit during the summer. One dilemma that often poses a challenge to home cooks is deciding which tomato to use for a specific dish. Even more intimidating, attempting to make homemade tomato sauce from fresh tomatoes can appear daunting when faced with several tomato varietals. Although there are many options available, there are only a few tomatoes worth using to create a memorable meal.

Before explaining the strengths and weaknesses of certain tomato varietals, it is important to note that the type of tomato used is actually less important than how it is used. Careful preparation and an understanding of how tomatoes cook is essential to creating a great sauce. Once common mistake made when attempting tomato sauce is to use the entire tomato. When cooked, the skin of the tomato will give the sauce a bitter and unpleasant taste. Therefore, the tomatoes should be blanched and the skins removed. Next, some tomato varieties have a high water content and many seeds that will require longer cooking, and any extra cooking time will alter the fresh taste of the tomatoes. In order to avoid this, the tomatoes should be cut, drained and seeded after blanching.

Concerning the type of tomatoes used, a few suitable varieties found in most produce sections include plum, roma and beefsteak tomatoes. Beefsteak tomatoes, large and oblong-shaped, are one type of tomato that can be used in homemade sauces. When using beefsteak tomatoes, it is crucial to remove extra water and seeds that would dilute the sauce. Plum tomatoes are small and longer than they are round, and their small size makes for a high flavor concentration. Plum tomatoes and others like them are very suitable for sauces, and are often called “pasta” tomatoes.

Third, roma tomatoes are a type of plum tomato which perform well in tomato sauces. Roma tomatoes contain few seeds and lack the mealy texture of many others. Roma tomatoes are often preferred over other types because of their Italian origin.

When choosing a tomato to make a homemade sauce, it is important to remember that tomatoes should be firm, lack bruises and appear vibrant in color. It is not wise to cook with tomatoes that are not yet fully ripe or have discolorations. The manner in which the tomatoes are prepared plays a major role in the outcome of the sauce, and the type of sauce desired will determine how to prepare them. For pomodoro or thinner sauces, not all of the seed areas need to be removed. However, for thicker sauces, only the “meat” portion of the tomatoes should be used. Additionally, the other ingredients used will undoubtedly have an impact on the flavor of the tomatoes. Using fresh tomatoes in a homemade sauce is well worth the effort, as long as the tomato is allowed to lead the other flavors and is not overpowered by additions such as salt or garlic.

3 ways to instantly find more fulfillment in your life…and they won’t cost you a cent

What if in the afterlife you met all the possible “you’s” that could have existed? The wealthier you who never gave up and finally knocked down that door, the happier you who stayed with your partner through the tough times, the more fit you who stuck with the daily workouts, the more accomplished you who took the time to finish writing the book. As pondered by author David Eagleman*, this notion of “other you’s” really got me thinking.

In what ways are you fulfilling your potential? And in what ways are you leaving talent, love, and passion on the table?

Following are three tips that don’t involve any massive life changes yet will propel you toward maximizing your potential:

1.  Protect Your Appetite for Learning

When we lose our appetite for knowledge, insight, and education, we diminish the power of the brain. The latest research shows that the brain can form new neural connections at any time in life. Yet when we fail to exercise the brain and entertain new thoughts, it begins to sag, like a worn out body. A lazy brain can lead to Alzheimers and other disease.** Have heaps of time passed since you’ve been to the art museum or listened to new music or read a great book?  As Glen Dorman of The Institute of Achievement of Human Potential said, “Some kids go through their whole life believing that learning is fun and the only game worth playing. We have a name for such people. We call them geniuses.”

2. Clarify Your Definition of Freedom

Like so many Americans, I bought a house in 2006 when money was easy to come by. And now I’m throttled by a huge mortgage. I used to think that owning a nice home in a pleasant neighborhood spelled f-r-e-e-d-o-m. But now I’ve clarified my definition of freedom to mean living within my means.  When you let outside influences determine your freedom, there will always be a part of you straggling behind, shackled by the weight of the world, begging for another chance to live on purpose.  That inner straggler can cause a lot of strife. As Maya Angelou said, “There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.”

3. Consider The Power of Love

I once read that all of our technology is an extension of the mind and its thoughts. There is not yet an example of technology that is an extension of the heart and its feelings. One day, we will create such a machine. As French philosopher Teilhard de Chardin said, “Someday, after we have mastered
the winds, the waves, the tide and gravity, we shall harness for God the energies of love.” 
And I believe that such a future technology will measure how the human being who sustains a high level of love will attract not just greater relationships but also fulfillment, abundance, and opportunity.

Becoming the “wealthier you” might take years, and becoming the “more fit you” might involve painful changes in your diet, and becoming the “more tenacious you” might require a huge and prolonged shift in your attitude.   But the “more loving you” is one bear hug away. And the “freer you” is no farther than a 24 hour sabbath from the annoying cell phone. And the “more inspired you” is as easy as cracking open a great book. As I share in mine, before you take the massive and painful steps toward a more fulfilled life, consider the little ones…a amazing bite of exotic chocolate, a sidesplitting laugh, a walk in the warm summer night.